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Falling Frames Production is professional on making promotional videos and commercials, while our concentration will lie on start-up companies. We would love to give a hand on your business journey and approach your visualized story to the right segmentation.

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If you are a startup or an established business and want to market yourself through digital media in a cost effective way, you are at the right place. Falling Frames can make advertisement videos for companies with highly professional quality within the minimum possible budget.

We don’t really quote a price to you, but work in a reverse order--you let us know your budget and we would discuss what kind of video can be made within that budget. Sometimes a few seconds long video made with minimum resources can be more powerful than the expensive CGI and flying spaceships.

Falling frames would involve you in every step of creating the content. It can be an instagram video, a documentary about the journey of your start-up or a fictional short film which nicely incorporates your brand into a story.

Our productions will also be adapted to the preference of your target customers. Based on an analyses of their favored aesthetics, style and even length, we will create intriguing videos to reach and attract your segmentation to the largest point.

“Goed.. Met Jou”.

Dutch independent feature film; plot summary and inspiration
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plot summary and inspiration

Founder of Falling Frames was part of the Apart from that few feature films are in pitching stage. We are also co-producing an Indian feature film (details will follow soon). However, you can understand making a feature film is a long and time taking process and it is highly volatile, so you might have to wait sometimes before our Avatar gets in the Cinemas.