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An artist could seek other artists to collaborate, to get a feedback or just to share/showcase each other’s works. With whatever purposes, having access to a community of great artists within a city can be fantastic and rewarding. That is also our motto-to organize a fun community of artists seen by Falling Frames that each and everyone of them is equivalent. Several events are being held to create and strengthen the bond between the local artists and also to shed light on some hidden gems to the local audiences who would appreciate them. Sofa Talks, Film Screening, Poetry Slams, Storytelling are the upcoming events to be expected throughout the year.

Keep an eye on our website for the latest events updates. And if you want to join our community and help us building it up further, we are just few clicks and keys away.

Filmmaking is about teamwork, and contribution from every team member is equivalently crucial. Falling Frame strongly believes in this philosophy so that we promote a collaborative approach. We dream about creating a self-sustainable artist community in Zurich which can give out the best productions that the world would appreciate. Falling frame community would be a non-profit wing of Falling Frames Production which would facilitate the cooperation among local artists when sharing the revenue with all artists contributing--being a part of the crew, you would have equal rights as a co-producer.

To gather ideas, build up networking and generate effective collaboration, Falling Frames will organize various events. Open Mic, for example, will give stages to filmmakers to share their insights and experience in the filmmaking industry. The voices of audience and the public are also welcoming. We want to hear your stories and ideas, and if possible, we will adapt interesting ones into films and deliver them to right audiences. In our online forum, there will be activities like interactive story writing where every member can help completing a story. Till the end, we will be responsible for converting stories with the public wisdom into films.

More interesting events are on the way. Keep in touch for more information.